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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Last last week's minutes

From Josh Daniels:
For those Senators, Executive Officers, and candidates, if they feel they’d like to reach out to the graduate community, Mr. Daniels said he would be more than happy to facilitate that process. He will not decide one versus the other, and it would be an indiscriminate choice. If people talk to him, he'd make that happen. The same went to candidates regardless of their views, positions, and whether they hate grads or not. If they want to destroy the GA, he would still be happy to meet with them one-on-one. He would invite all Senate and Executive Officer candidates to the Assembly meeting on April 5, after Spring Break, for them to announce their candidacy, give a quick statement about why they're running and what they believe they could do for all students, as well as graduate students in particular.
Is he talking about me? That would be hilarious if he was. First Sammy Averbach, now this. I hear I'm sort of a boogey man in the ASUC, though I can't imagine why. Of course, I don't hate grads. I'm a grad. I do want to destroy the GA, though, since it seems to push the concept of equality to the breaking point. And, just so you know, I wasn't invited.
Mr. Manassero said one of his roommates was moving out, so if any of them knew of a possible roommate, he would ask them to please let him know.
It's good to know our representatives are hard at work for us. (I don't mean to pick on Jeff, because lots of other Senators do things like this, too)

So, the UC Office of the President had some complaints about the fee referenda, and the Senate reconsidered, amended, and passed them again. I'm not sure what legal basis they had to do this. Didn't they already pass them? Shouldn't they have conferred with UCOP before approving them?

Even more humorously, this happened through amendments to the minutes. Last year, the minutes had nothing to do with what was actually passed. When the minutes conflicted with what was actually passed, it was the minutes that were considered wrong.

There is a Judicial Council case here, but I don't want to get into that again, unless folks are really interested in seeing it happen.

The same UCOP intervention occurred for the Squelch referendum, though it hadn't actually been approved yet.
Ben Narodick said that like the other referendum, they would make some slight amendments due to the recommendations of UCOP. He wouldn't hesitate from calling them overbearing douche bags who wouldn't let students run their own business.
The new Judicial Council nominee is Sikina Jinnah. I know nothing about her.

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she the grad nominee or ugrad?
i get bored at work...thus, i have an interest in the jcouncil case...just puttin it out there...
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