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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
I guess I will

I'll just mention one thing from my chat with the TGIF chick. She's voting for it because the $5 cost is "worth it for me." That's fascinating. But when you vote for a fee increase, that's not the answer you're giving. You're saying "it's worth it for everyone, whether they like it or not, and they're going to pay." The idea that, because some people vote on something once, it somehow represents a voluntary action that should be viewed in the same way as you might view a personal transaction is so sadly prevalent in our country.

It's not even selfishness, really. It's a complete lack of recognition of the existence of others as free-thinking and different indivudals. They approach it as if there's a box next to the voting booth, where they can pull $5 out of their pocket and stick it in there if they want to support sustainability. That'd be cool, if it was the case. What's not cool is doing that without considering that they're going to be forcing everyone else to do that, too.

I don't mean this as an anti-tax screed. Taxes are fine, if you approach the issue in an honest, representative way. I want to hear people saying "Our cause is so important that it's okay to coerce everyone else to pay for it." I don't want to hear this burrito-counting bullshit, which seeks to completely obscure the existence of the reader's fellow students.

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youre right. a vote for tgif is a vote against individualism and free-thinking. and justice and logic and liberty.

ANY vote is going to force an outcome on someone that didn't want it. i dont see why financial decisions should be separated from the democratic process, just because it involves money. and there ARE safeguards in the bylaws to ensure that a very small minority of students dont pass a fee increase.
It's not the vote that denies individualism. It's the "for the cost of a burrito" argument. Try reading that last paragraph again.
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