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Monday, April 02, 2007

Let's talk about AAVP candidates. Before that, let me say that my quote came out much better than I thought it would. It has exactly the right attitude. The thing about evaluations only came up because she hounded me until I gave a serious plan.

The Beetle Quasi-Informed Endorsement (There are at least two more sets to come) for Academic Affairs Veep goes to (in order of decreasing awesomeness)......

John O'Connor With a plan that has a small chance of getting a benefit to all students, John O'Connor has the most sensible approach to the office.

Carolina Jauregui Taking the "neutral spot," which goes to the candidate with ideas which aren't any good, but at least won't make things worse, Carolina Jauregui has some plans about getting the student voice to the folks who make decisions and such. At least she suggests active efforts to get our way, rather than the traditional "token student on the commission who just happens to have worked on my campaign" approach.

Curtis Lee He has real goals. They just suck. The Career Center as a number 1 goal? Few students care to use the Career Center. So why pick it? Well, because a clear accomplishment he can take credit for will ensue. That doesn't mean it's an accomplishment that helps campus, of course, but that hardly matters to Student Action types.

Gabriela Galicia Environmentalism! Diversity! Drop Deadline! Boring.

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Maybe Curtis can propose a new student fee to move the Career Center on campus!!

Oh wait..
"Members of Student Action said that while they acknowledge the fact that they could be associated with the events of last summer, they hoped the majority of students would recognize that this year’s senate candidates were never involved in the ASUC before they decided to run for senate."

The Daily Cal should run a correction. At least one Senate candidate has previously worked in the ASUC. For 3 years.
I'm putting the money on number 23, not 3.
also, the SA exec candidates! senators who voted for it!
I'm not sure where you are getting that students don't use the career center when getting an appointment there is like pulling teeth. Honestly, the idea of making it more accessible is a great one. Go Curtis.
Yes. If more people want appointments, getting them will become easier. That makes perfect sense.
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