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Friday, March 02, 2007

As expected, I lost my voter bribe case. Amaris White dissented about fee referenda, though. The Judicial Council as a whole, however, ruled that fee referenda proponents and opponents do not, under the current by-laws, have equality guaranteed. This differs, by the way, from an earlier decision on a Temporary Rule last year, when such equality was ruled to be guaranteed. In that case, though, it was the proponents who would be helped by that interpretation.

(By the way, I was especially unimpressed by the Judicial Council's ruling that I had not proven that the voter incentive brings people to the polls. The defense argued that the voter incentive brings folks to the polls, too. It's an incentive. I didn't even realize there was a dispute on this point. Amaris's dissent was on this: "As the coupon is an incentive, by the very meaning of the word, it is intended to have some effect on the voter.")

Also, Amaris and Carmel Levitan have resigned.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/02/2007 12:00:00 AM #
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re: earlier decision on a Temporary Rule last year
Are you talking about when the JCouncil rejected my temporary rule moving election dates back two weeks to avoid passover?

They may have claimed to be preserving equality among candidates (although referenda are NOT candidates) when they were actually showing preference and favoritism for the RSF referenda, the proponents of whom bullied them into rejecting my temporary rule after trying and failing to intimidate me into retracting it.

I like telling stories.
Sorry about the loss.
It's my birthday!
yay for a gabriel appointee!
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