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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
This week!

The incompetence is on parade this week.

A BILL IN SUPPORT OF A Constitutional Amendment for Elections Flexibility: Clearly partially written by Jeff Manassero. This will eliminate the Constitutional provision requiring the almost completely unused polling locations at Res Hall dining spots. It's a great idea. It's also late, and won't be passed in time, which means it will end up on the 2008 ballot. I have no idea why it was late. I know they wanted to do this since last month. Way to go! *applause*

A Resolution In Support of the Cal Greek Community: This is a constitutional amendment, also late, to allow the ASUC to fund recognized fraternities and sororities, which have been denied direct funding because of their single-sex nature. If this passes (and again, this would be 2008), then the ASUC may be able to do away with the Greek Philanthropy Fund, which is designed specifically to get around this problem. This doesn't mean they will do away with it. They won't, of course. Instead, they're going to rename it the "Greek Service and Philanthropy Fund," and define a few rules for it.

A Bill In Support of Another Democratic Referendum for Another Student Life Fee: Haha! Also late, this one gives money to The Heuristic Squelch, in the same "bypass the budget process" way as the other Student Life Fee. The fee increase is $3.60, increasing by 12% every other year. It almost looks like a parody, and should be, considering the topic and source (David Wasserman).

A Bill In Support Of the ASUC Senate Contingency Fund: Another bill to boost the Contingency Fund, this one takes $1,600 from Carry Forward.

A Resolution In Support of HBV's Efforts to Protect Student Health: This bill tries to get University Health Services to vaccinate and test every student for HBV (That's hepatitis B). Among the facts are:
1 in 10 Asian Americans have hepatitis B.
2/3 of Asian Americans are unaware that they have hepatitis B.
Hmm... What are we to think of this? Does this mean that at least 23% of Asian Americans don't have hepatitis B but think they do?

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The problem with the ASUC funding fraternities and sororities isn't their single-sex nature (we're title IX exempt...along with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America...its an elite club), its that the community tends to reject funding for autonomy purposes (speaking strictly of Panhellenic and IFC)...and our Nationals tend to agree with that policy. I wonder what's behind that bill...perhaps the funding controversy of last semester? Which was more about SA being racist than anything else. Is that a CS or SA bill?

(why the fuck do I care?)
The restriction on funding single-sex folks doesn't come from Title IX, it comes from the ASUC's Constitution. Or so I thought. That's how the constitutional amendment is aimed, anyway.

It's a Wasserman/Allbright/Mitchell bill, and yes, it appears to come from last year's funding controversy.
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