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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuff from Last Week's Senate Meeting:

Apparently, folks are aiming for a smoke-free campus. The satisfaction of knowing they're all going to die horribly from lung cancer just doesn't cut it for some people.

Ned Permaul talked about the possibility of using the e-mail addresses students use to register for Pick-A-Prof for ASUC communications. Sign up for ASUC spam!

Another great Vishal Gupta quote:
So when 33,000 students potentially go to the polls online and look at two sentences that will determine whether or not they raise mandatory, voluntary student fees, that they understand everything that there getting into. By "mandatory, voluntary" he meant mandatory fees that the students pass voluntarily.
It's like mandatory voluntary service for blacks before the civil war! You know, mandatory service that people force others into voluntarily.

Alex Kozak, as Webster:
They said that regardless of whether the term "incumbent" appearing besides a candidate's name was an advantage, it was clear that it was additional privilege that was not afforded to non-incumbents. The difference between a "privilege" and a "advantage" being that "privilege" was a benefit or an advantage.
Being able to punch myself in the face is a privilege. I don't think it's really an advantage.
Mr. Averbach asked if he or the J-Council recognized whether the plaintiff exhausted options within the legislative process prior to going to the Judicial Council. Mr. Kozak said he thought the point disregarded any political options by nature, he didn't think there were any political options. Mr. Averbach asked if that was for this specific plaintiff, or in general. Mr. Kozak said he didn't know if he should comment on that.
Heh. I assume "point" means "plaintiff" here. Equal protection is not a political question, so I didn't seek political options. I have sought political options for various other political questions, such as whether to include "abstain" on the ballot for referenda and such. If Sammy Averbach has a problem with my approach, he should bring it up with me. I'm not hard to find. I note that Jeff Manassero didn't correct him on "disregarding political options by nature," which is odd considering the amount of discussion he's had with me about legislation. I should also note that Averbach himself should have received a shitload of recommendations from me about various ways in which the By-Laws suck, most of which were ignored, including one concerning the status of extension students in the ASUC, which has been the subject of two Judicial Council suits in as many years (and both years, the Judicial Council begged the Senate to do something about it).

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