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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Apparently, all three referenda from yesterday are going to be on the ballot. Yay for another fee increase. By my count, there are seven referenda. Here are my endorsements:

Terms and Lines of Succession: This is a constitutional amendment to do away with any hint of the "We can't be removed from office since our term has already started, despite the fact that we haven't even won the election yet" argument, as well as to establish a line of succession, to make dictatorial takeovers more convenient. I think I'll go with a "Yes" endorsement.

TGIF: This is a fee increase to spend money so that we feel good about the environment, but does not come with an actual plan to use that money to do anything helpful. I think I'll vote "No."

Student Life: This is a fee increase to excuse well-connected student groups from having to struggle to get funding through the budgeting process, so that they don't have to compete with the inferior students. Um... "No."

Another Student Life: This is another fee increase to excuse the Squelch magazine in the same way. Let's go with another "No."

Student Union Complex: This is yet another fee increase designed to force students to pay money for no reason whatsoever so that a much larger fee increase can be passed in the future using the "we're already committed" approach to advertising. This later fee increase, by the way, will be in four years, when all of the folks voting now will be gone. I think I'll have to pitch another "No."

Dining Hall Voting Polls: This constitutional amendment releases the Elections Council from having to put up useless polling locations at the residence hall dining locations. Vote "Yes," I guess.

Greek Life: This referendum writes an exception into the ASUC's nondiscrimination clause for Greek organizations. Once again, well-connectedness excuses folks from the rules. Vote "No."

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The one good thing about having so many referenda is it may lead to a "vote no on everything" response just like when there are too many propositions on the state ballot.

I support some of these, including a couple of the fee increases, but I would not be bothered if they were all defeated.
let me know if you need help on opposing any of these
I need help opposing these. Well, to be accurate, I'm not going to oppose these the way I did last year, so it would be nice if there was some student out there who would actually engage in an episode of giving a damn and fight them. Otherwise, the way I see it, folks get what they deserve.
Oh, and Jim, I expect every single one of these to pass.
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