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Nap Time!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007
Next next week, on ASUC

Next next week is campaign week.

A Bill Supporting That California Become A Sanctuary State and Condemning The Raids: I'm pretty sure you can guess who's proposing this one. Among the amusing details of this bill is the claim that fed raids snagging illegal immigrants are "kidnappings."

A Bill in Support of the Senate Contingency Fund: Is the Carry Forward Fund infinite? It sure seems that way. Can I get some money from it?

A Bill in Support of Eshleman Safety: Aww... I oppose safety. This seeks $10,000 for a security plan for Eshleman. Half comes from Contingency, and half comes from the Capital Improvements Fund. And no, I don't know how Dwight Asuncion plans to pull $5,000 out of Contingency. I get the impression that part of this series of bills, which does something that is really the university's job, is just so that Dwight and Student Action can say "Supported Eshleman Safety." He'd rather spend other folks' money than risk not getting credit.

A Resolution in Support of Lower Sproul Lighting: Uh... "Sproul is no longer merely a pathway but has become a destination of choice." Who makes that choice? Anyway, this bill says "Hey, university, please light up Lower Sproul. Pretty please?"

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