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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
More memory lane

2002 was a fun election year. Check out the Daily Cal endorsements.
If last year's presidency taught us anything, it taught us not to be deceived by promises of grandiose plans. Or promises of nonpartisanship. Or promises of accomplishing anything at all.
Also, be sure to check out the discussion of Student Advocate. This is one of the funnier stories, and took place during the real fun Israel-Palestine protests.
Perfectly poised. Well-spoken. Knowledgeable. Prejudiced.

This sums up the heir apparent candidate for Student Advocate, Salam Rafeedie. She seemed the perfect candidate for the job until she said something that revealed her fatal flaw.

"The student advocate's office is responsible for protecting all students' rights," Rafeedie said. "This includes rapists, this includes cheaters, this includes plagiarizers, thieves, Zionists—people who you necessarily would not want to go have dinner with. So I feel like (in) my administration, my political views would not impact my professional life."

It is certainly worrisome that she was not able to last even a mere 20 minutes in front of The Daily Californian's Senior Editorial Board without condemning the existence of Israel.
I hope to hear how all Student Advocate candidates feel about Zionists this year. As for me, I would definitely eat dinner with them, if they were paying.

(The Daily Cal did something right. The folks who didn't get endorsements wrote a letter bitching about them that week.)

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I found it funny that that student advocate candidate (Salam) was together on the same list of people who wrote a letter to the daily cal criticizing the picks, which included the Gabriel the first
the Gabriels are usually thought of as fans of the zion
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