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Nap Time!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007
I hope you like the color green

So, I was going to give them some time to get their site in order, but the Green Fee folks went and put the site out there in my comments, so they lost their chance.

It turns out this TGIF thing is sort of a franchise. It smells a lot like CalPIRG. But let's take a look at their campaign site.

We start off with some guy talking about something. I hope you like loading video files without being asked.

Sam Arons, a grad student at Cal studying... uh... "renewable energy." Clearly not an engineering term. TGIF, you see, "is a fee referendum to make UC Berkeley green." That's right, by paying just $5 more a semester, ALL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS ON CAMPUS WILL BE SOLVED FOR ALL TIME!!! Apparently, last year, a bunch of interns went and switched some lightbulbs in Barrows, saving the campus "$10000 a year." Note, of course, that this happened without the guilt tax being proposed. So what's it for again? Oh, that's right. See, currently, only people who want to help will help, and that is unacceptable, because the campus somehow wants to help more than that. I don't know how that can make logical sense, but hey, who am I to judge people's devotion by their actions? By the way, if doing this stuff saves a shitload of money, why don't we just use that money we save?

Remember, "Vote Yes for TGIF on April 8!" And, you know, not on any other day.

Okay, so we've established that the TGIF folks don't know how to find out when the election is, but somehow we're supposed to trust them to control our money.

The Steering Committee for Charging Students Money to Assuage the Committee's Conscience (also known as the TGIF steering committee) supposedly meets Mondays from 8-10 pm in 115 Barrows. So go make your voice heard, and go spy for me, too.

Rachel Barge explains that the big reason to pass this is to leave a legacy here. "Legacy," in this case, means increased fees for future students that we won't have pay. So if you support boosting your ego on the backs of future students, vote YES!

Katherine Brittain notes that while we use natural gas power, we "can always switch" to hydroelectric, solar, or wind power. Well, "can," "always," and "switch" are strong words.

Oh, and one of the reasons you should support alternative energy is because George Bush does. Similarly, you should support the war in Iraq.

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dude, this has to be fought. there should be a facebook group, website, etc. ASAP.

Students need to be wary of the stupid propaganda they'll receive from TGIF.

This year, I'm not going to be the token opposition. But by all means, take the lead, and let me know.
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