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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I hate it when the Daily Cal takes my side in a Judicial Council case. It's not that I don't appreciate the support, I just prefer it to be accurate, and it often isn't.

This time, there isn't anything technically inaccurate, it just seems like things are a bit overblown.
Incumbency matters in politics, and this tends to be increasingly true of smaller levels of government. And for the mass of UC Berkeley students for whom the term "local politics" means Sather Gate and Lower Sproul, this issue was quietly accepted. That is, until Wednesday, when the Judicial Council confronted this problem and, along the way, made the ASUC elections a little bit more democratic.
The "until Wednesday" construction seems to suggest that something stopped for this mass of UC Berkeley students. I don't think they stopped accepting anything. I doubt most of them even knew there was an issue.
But what has changed is the spirit or principle in which the ASUC will approach elections. Allowing extra space to incumbent candidates precisely because they are incumbents was unfair and discriminatory in the worst way for the ASUC.
I can think of worse ways. Much, much worse ways.

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