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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Commentary on candidates

If you have stuff to say about the candidates, say them here. Unfounded rumor is preferred.

The only thing I'll note is that CalSERVE is running their senators again.

Update: One thing I'd like to know is which candidates are seriously attempting to gain office. I have it on good authority that Ilana Nankin is actually going to resign while laughing maniacally if she wins. This is called projection.

Update 2: Report corrections here, too.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/20/2007 11:26:00 PM #
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I think for President DAAP is running Dimitri Garcia since Travis is an independent.

Also CalSERVE ran two of their senators last year. They were not serious campaigns. They just wanted to pull more votes and say vote for CalSERVE on the ballot.
I'm literally copying and pasting. Also note that Ajay is listed as CalSERVE, and David Wasserman's last name isn't capitalized.
I heard Ilana Nankin and Eunice Moon killed a transgendered hooker in Florida during spring break last year.
Is that the official ballot? Or the uncorrected one?
It's partially corrected. It's not the official ballot. For example, there aren't nicknames.
CalSERVE always runs most of its senators again, and I'm not sure if it actually does even pull more votes. Being "incumbent" rarely translates to many votes in an ASUC election, whether listed on the ballot or no. :)

As I mentioned below, I am excited to see CalSERVE's Senate candidates -- many recognizable names drawn from diverse sectors of the progressive community.

I am glad they are running an executive slate but worried about Travis Garcia for running as an independent and splitting the progressive vote, especially if he is friendly with Student Action as some claim ... People who vote him need to vote Van Nguyen CalSERVE #2.

Wait, if Ilana Nankin resigns if she wins, who becomes President? Are you serious about this? Does the President get appointed by the Senate then?
somebody has never read beetle apparently...
In answer to your question, yes, if the winner of an executive office resigns, I believe the Senate appoints a replacement.
Well, the good news is thanks to the almighty Single Transferable Vote, we needn't worry about "splitting" a faction of votes.

The bad news is, if people forget that they get to transfer their vote, then there's a significant change that per elections bylaws the vote count will be trapped in an infinite loop.
Oh, and I love Ilana, I really do, I would find it amazing if she was running for President for shiggles. As to whether she would do a good job? Well, no one really gives the ASUC President a chance to do a good job.
So what I'm gleaning from all of this is that Justin was joking? I think? Sorry for being dense. anonymous, you haven't been reading beetle that long if you think I haven't been reading beetle for very long, lol ... I somehow only tend to check in during election time though.

j koo, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I do realize that votes can transfer, which is why I mentioned in my earlier post that progressives who vote for Travis Garcia need to vote for Van Nguyen as their second choice. However, not only is ther danger that people might forget to put a second choice, but also, if Garcia's campaigning is friendly toward Student Action, enough progressives may even be hoodwinked into putting Student Action second. This is what I meant.
But, I hasten to add that my impression of Travis Garcia from his campaigns has been that he is his own man and a genuine independent. I thought he had a great Senate platform last year, and he has some good ideas (but others not so developed) running for President this year too. I just hope he has the good judgment in his campaigning not to equate CalSERVE and Student Action as the same just because they are major parties, when in my view one is clearly better than the other for both progressive-agenda and reform reasons.
I've stated elsehwere here, but Travis Garcia is a highly competent person who isn't in it to pad their resume. I think he'll be a competent administrator with a few good ideas, and that a year under his leadership will be seen as positive.

This comes from having known Travis in high school as a Junior Statesmen chapter president and overall intelligent friendly person.
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