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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Candidates' meeting!

Some stuff from the candidates' meeting.

The folks from Student Judicial Affairs came to talk about stuff. Three things stood out:

1) As one of them discouraged candidates from chalking on the boards in classrooms, the other subtly moved a chalkboard to cover up the top board which was advertising Sigma Alpha Nu Poker Night.

2) They suggested that chalking on the outer 50% of the sidewalk was disallowed, as that is university property. Yvette Felarca called tham on it, and they said to contact the person in charge to ask. It may be a policy shift, and I wish it were, but I get the impression that is city property on account of the parking meters being there.

3) They didn't want to answer David Wasserman's question which asked something to the effect of "It's okay to vandalize city property, but not to vandalize university property, right?"

The by-laws were again out-of-date. They were the same as last year's by-laws, which were out-of-date last year. Which means the candidate packet contains by-laws which are two years out-of-date. This was totally avoidable, though, because the copy on the website has been the new, one year out-of-date version since last semester.

The Attorney General said that they would charge minor violations. We'll see if that's true.

Make comments on how preternaturally handsome the SQUELCH! candidates were here.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/20/2007 09:15:00 PM #
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there's only one handsome SQUELCH! Candidate and a few okay ones.
This implies bias against SQUELCH! You should be removed from office.
That'll never work. Try this:

This implies bias for SQUELCH! You should be removed from office.
The bias for SQUELCH! is a fairly negligible violation, however, compared to bias for BEARS-United.
Note that the SQUELCH! slate's sexiness has seriously diminished compared to years past due to the noticeable absence of an attractive, blonde, female Presidential candidate who likes to get naked in public. I know I'm disappointed...no doubt RCB would be as well.
You like to get naked in public? It's amazing what I missed while campaigning last year. But c'mon now, isn't Joe Rothberg a hottie?
She only got naked a few times, but they don't count because she was blacked out.
I swear with the way the whole mess dragged out last semester, we just had this election.
Just for your John? Dammit, I KNEW I should've run with SQUELCH!
oh, like I have to drink to get naked for John...pssh!

naked while I was blacked out though, huh? is that why you kids wouldn't show me the rest of the pics from the Cal Patriot interview?
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