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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I was doing endorsements. Let's talk about the ASUC president.

Ilana Nankin is Oren Gabriel's cousin. If we really want to solidify the hereditary monarchy model for the ASUC presidency after the Gabriel brothers, this is our chance. There are some rather creepy rumors about her floating around, though. And she's a Zionist! You can't eat dinner with her! (You still have to defend her if you're the Student Advocate, though)

No, I think we need to go with someone who isn't a douchebag. It's often tough to find that elusive not-a-douchebag candidate, but this year is an exception. That's why the endorsement goes to Joe "Not a douchebag" Rothberg.

Of course, it's usually a good idea to also do an endorsement for a candidate who could actually win. The ranked-choice voting system allows that, though I'd really like to see the nobody-gets-elected constitutional crisis scenario play out one of these years.

Hmm... Humm... Hrmm... Well, maybe it really is time for change, at least in lowercase. So for now, I'll give my tentative endorsement to Van Nguyen, since he's male, and therefore obviously more capable at governing.

I should note, though, that I haven't seen either of their signatures, and since signing checks is apparently their most important job, we really ought to see those before coming to a decision.

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If you saw Rothberg's signature you'd swear he's a motherfucking Astronaut. Straight up.
You know, I've known Travis Garcia personally (like, before he was gay and pretended to be conservative and such), and I think that we should vote him as President because of his likely unattainable promises (at least by virtue of his office) of 24 hour libraries, acceptance of credit cards on campus, and a safer south side. (Less restrictions on ASUC money for clubs is a good thing. Because he will be spending all of his energy spinning his wheels, he'll simply stay out of the way rather than grab money for student groups.

He's also a reasonable person, at least from my experience with him in high school.

So that's my backhanded endorsement of Travis.

Travis, if you're reading this, you know I'm serious.

Just kidding.

Or not.
Are you saying you turned him gay?
More likely the other way around...

I'm not that good.
To aid you in your descision, my signature is available on the home page of ericforpresident.org.

You can also take a look at my platform, you know, since you're there.

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