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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
BUI-Executive Vice President

By the way, I'm excluding BEARS-United from the endorsements for some reason. See if you can guess why.

The role of the Executive Vice President is to tell people to shut the hell up in Senate meetings, and tell student groups to "Beg, beg, BEG!!!"

This race suffers from an absence of the all-important Y chromosome, which again demonstrates the ASUC's lack of commitment to diversity. So the question becomes: Who is more terrifying? Eunice Moon or Taylor Allbright?

The proper way to decide this race would be a staring contest, but I don't think I'd have much luck in setting that up. I haven't found either of them to be particularly terrifying, either. Thus, all we can do is go with racist assumptions. And since everyone knows Asians are genetically less able to assert themselves, the endorsement has to go to Taylor Allbright.

Wow, this is looking bad. Am I really going to give CalSERVE the nod? The last CalSERVEr I endorsed was Liz Hall, who proceeded to try to raise our fees, help solidify the UCSA's reputation as a Democratic party tool, and contribute to chasing UC Davis out of the UCSA.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/21/2007 10:26:00 PM #
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Check your notes, Beetle. Liz Hall was External VP, not Executive VP. Christine Lee from SA was EVP.
I didn't say she was Executive. I said she was CalSERVE.
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