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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Another dude

That Travis Garcia fellow (who'll probably end up being known as "The Gay Frat dude") is also running for ASUC president.

By the way, his press release notes that he will issue Executive Orders to "keep his word." I guess he's not a student of the "Duty" school of thought.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 3/20/2007 09:42:00 AM #
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i saw these flyers today

note that he endorsed two student action senate candidates
Normally, you list other people's endorsements of you on your website.
hahaha yeah
too bad none of his platforms can be accomplished via executive order.
Maybe he was learning from Manny.
BCR candidate:


jock republican dude with stock platform.
On a random note, what does it take for a candidate outside of the main parties to win?

1. A catchy slogan, typically one that rhymes.
2. Passive support of two of the three largest clubs on campus (Rally Comm, BCR, and...um...hmm...not even sure I'm right on BCR) or active support of Rally Comm by itself.
3. Lacking points one or two, the support of Student Action.

Now please feel free to disagree with me. I will likely disagree with myself in about an hour.
You mean for Senate, right? Because to win an executive position takes violation of the rules of physics.

You don't need a catchy slogan, unless you're getting support from folks who walk by. But when it comes to getting that kind of support, no independent is going to beat Student Action and CalSERVE.

The support of the greek community isn't technically the support of a club, but it's also one of those things that folks probably need.
ali ansary won with the support of just msa, which isn't even that big.
what about that independent dude who won out of nowhere and then quit?
... Which independent dude who won out of nowhere and then quit?
charles shin
Charles Shin didn't win. Ali Ansary did. There was an error in reading the number-name relation which ended up incorrectly naming Charles Shin.

So he didn't win or quit.
Also, we already have a 24-hour library (sort of) on the top floor of Eshleman. But apparently no one knows about it, and I kind of don't mind having tons of couch space to lounge on.

Of course, it randomly closes for indeterminate periods of time, probably so Student Action can say they got us a 24-hour library when they throw a couple Senate dollars upstairs to reopen it.
Is his campaign video any good? (He needs to put it on youtube. Idiotic QT crashes firefox for some reason.)
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