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Nap Time!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another week of ASUC antics, this time including a pointless fee increase which will accomplish nothing. Which is actually thrice-redundant.

A Bill in Support of The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Referendum on the Spring 2007 ASUC Ballot: Well, who can oppose TGIF? Jane Park and Dwight Asuncion are the authors, and Caro Jauregui and Taylor Allbright hop on as sponsors. It will place a fee increase referendum on the ballot to raise our fees by $5 per semester in order to... uh... assuage some folks' consciences? We seem to be pretty lose on fee increases when students supposedly face affordability crises. Guess who controls the money? The same people who put it on the ballot, of course. "Give us money to boost our resumes and reduce our guilt!" Sounds like fun. I wonder how well monetary waste squares with the goals of the Greenies.

A Bill in Support of the ASUC's Sponsorship of The Oskis Leadership Awards: There's something redundant about that title, I think. This is an attempt by the ASUC to give awards to itself. Clearly, ASUC Senators need recognition through getting awards, and ASUC Senators are quick to help sponsor and control them. Way to provide civic service, folks. There's also an award for best ASUC-run program, and best ASUC member. I should win that last one. They're going to find a way to spend $1000 a year on these awards, too.

A RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF CLEAR & CONSISTENT ELECTION PRACTICES: You know all about capitalization by now. This is actually based off one of my drafts, which is to have the ASUC By-Laws explicitly describe how referenda are presented on the ballot. Unfortunately, the bill includes an "abstain" option, which provides students an easy out and encourages laziness on the part of proponents, who won't have to convince folks as much. Folks who don't understand, because the proponents failed to convince them, will vote "abstain" rather than "no," which is how they should vote. This is especially important when folks deliberately write vague ballot questions. I refused to have my name on it as co-author for this reason.

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