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Sunday, February 25, 2007
Nice hybrid

Yay! It's time to "get started" in the fight against global warming, according to Dianne Feinstein.

No one has ever done anything to fight global warming. No one has developed cars with better gas milage, or promoted conservation, or even sought to push solar energy. None of these things have happened, and it's time to get started.


Oh, I see, she means "get started" in terms of passing bills (not that this is particularly new, either). Because if the government doesn't do it, it doesn't count.
"I do not believe that any of these are perfect bills or that they cannot be improved," she said. "What I have tried to do is put forward a practical, achievable and sustainable regimen."
Just out of curiosity, do any of these doomsday scenarios concerning global warming actually provide an out by "controlling and containing" global warming? If we halted carbon dioxide emissions completely right now, would we still head it off? Because if not, maybe we ought to be thinking less in terms of "controllin and containing" and a little more in terms of "adapting." Environmentalism seems to suffer from the same problem as conservativism: change is scary, and the only way to address change is to stop it.
"Right now, we are looking for the access ramp to the freeway for change," she said.
Be sure to take the Bad Metaphor Expressway to that freeway.

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