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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Elections Stations

Graduate Assembly president Josh Daniels and academic affairs veep Mariyam Cementwala showed up to cost the ASUC money. They succeeded in convincing the Senate to keep the Etcheverry-Soda and GPB polling stations, and remove the South Hall one. The end result is that only three polling locations are gone, rather than four. But let's look at some of the arguments. The worst one will be saved for a different post, which will cause Mike Davis's head to explode if he reads it.

The "survey" I mentioned earlier got a grand total of 28 responses, of which only 6 had a concern. It didn't ask questions like "would you go to a different polling place."

Meriyam complained that it was important to have "universal access" to voting, which I totally agreed with. But when David Wasserman asked her in what way we didn't have universal access now (you know, with online voting and all), she went into question-dodging mode.

The GA folks wanted to have undergraduates lose some polling locations, because that would be fair. Or something.

Meriyam then mentioned that since the low-turnout voting locations were mostly grad student types, does this mean that the ASUC doesn't really reach graduate students? This, of course, came from representatives of the GA, which doesn't even hold elections. I can answer the question, though: graduate students often have offices, and don't wander around campus. We vote from home, or in our labs.

Anyway, the ASUC caved like usual. Good job, guys.

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