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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007
Another preview

Next week, for the ASUC, I thought we'd be getting our first fee increases. Apparently not.

A RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF The Early Appointment of an Elections Council Chair: You can tell that Jeff Manassero wrote part of this bill by the capitalization. This a great one to put some force behind the requirement to hire an Elections Council Chair by the 8th week by halting all Senate business if they don't, (like with the Attorney General and Solicitor General).

A Resolution in Support of Modern Election Practices: YES! Another great one. This one stops wasting money by hiring the League of Women Voters for $4,000 to watch over all 1 provisional ballots (last year). SIS handles security and such, now, and I think that's fine (though it may raise some issues about autonomy). Despite the general idiocy of this Senate, I think they're actually doing a relatively good job on elections reform.

A Bill in Support of Humble By-Laws: This seeks to remove the names Quigly and Helig from the election by-laws (the author, Sammy Averbach, doesn't know their sex). Also, a moment of silence is being called for Jeff's efforts.

A Resolution in Support of Lower Sproul Lighting: Dwight Asuncion writes
WHEREAS, we need lighting in Lower Sproul; and

WHEREAS, I have a midterm tomorrow and cannot write an adequate bill; and

WHEREAS, changes to the bill will be written during the course of the week.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that an ASUC elected official, along with the ASUC President, write a bill addressed to the campus architect, Jim Horner, explaining the vital need for lighting in Lower Sproul.
Ugh. Okay, look. There's a reason you propose bills a week in advance. This "we'll write the bill later" shit needs to stop. Don't make me break out the charge sheets again.

A Bill in Support of Increasing Access to Education: This provides scholarships to minorities (exlusively?) from some trust fund somewhere. I don't actually know the details of this trust fund.

A Bill in Support of the ASUC Senate Contingency Fund: More money for contingency! They just blow through that shit.

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Uh, where are they getting money for the Contingency Fund?
Carry Forward
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