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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I was afraid that I would have to manufacture some news, but luckily, I don't. Student Action is proceeding with its plans to impeach Sonya Banerjee, and presented charges last night. I will tell you right now, they don't have the 14 votes they need, and won't get them. But that doesn't mean we won't get to enjoy the circus.

I got the impeachment charge sheet, and it's basically a rehash of their brief's complaints about the Judicial Council not following the Judicial Rules of Procedure. I might go into the detail later, but it's all old news. They also accuse her of not following the bylaws, but that's a pretty blatantly unconstitutional reach of power, since interpreting those bylaws is the job of the Judicial Council.

The senators who signed the charge sheet are Dimitri Garcia, Donald Rizzo, Brandon Chen, Sammy Averbach, and Jennifer Avelino. They are, however, acting with the guidance of the executives, including Vishal Gupta, the Executive Vice President. Gupta wants to chair the impeachment hearing, though, so Student Action has instructed its operatives to not discuss impeachment with The Daily Cal, or let on that he had a part in this, as that would make it inappropriate for him to serve as chair.

Clarification: The stuff about Gupta's involvement and their desire to keep it hush-hush comes from an anonymous source whose veracity I can't confirm, but it was so obviously true that I posted it as fact. But yeah, to pretend to be a journalist and all... If any of y'all think what I reported was false, you know how to reach me, I'll publish your denials.

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donald rizzo isn't just a douchebag, but given that he doesn't know how to read the Appeal judgment, he must be an illiterate douchebag too.
"But the senators said in the charge sheet that Banerjee is responsible for holding the other justices to the council’s rules of procedure and the ASUC constitution and bylaws."
~From today's Daily Cal

Just when I thought things could not get any more hilarious....
When Chair Banerjee went to give a report and answer questions for the senate a few weeks ago Gupta said he was not feeling well that evening. So he allowed last year's EVP to chair the meeting for him. However the "sick" Gupta then stayed around for a long time to ask questions.
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