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Monday, November 13, 2006
The will of the voters is...

So, Berkeley folks are suing Michigan for its shiny new anti-affirmative action measure that was just added to its constitution.
[Josie Hyman] said she is a plaintiff because consideration will not be given to race or gender in the admissions process, adding to the discrimination felt by minority students when applying to and attending a university.

"For minority students on these campuses without affirmative action, it's a degrading experience and that cannot be a reality for any more students," she said. "That's why what we're doing is so significant."
I think I've made fun of Josie's name before. But for all you folks of color out there, is this right? Considering the color of your skin as a factor in whether you are suited for a university is less degrading?

Oh, as a sidenote, Dimitri Garcia, our DAAP senator, was pissed that the Judicial Council tried to overrule "the will of the voters" by disqualifying Student Action.

In other news...
Dimitri Garcia, an ASUC senator who plans to be added as a plaintiff to the lawsuit, said the case against the proposal will be stronger than previous attempts because California can be used as an example of the negative effects of eliminating affirmative action.
Hmm... I guess that "will of the voters" thing only goes so far.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 11/13/2006 10:45:00 AM #
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i think it's safe to say that dimitri garcia is a hypocrite, but then again, we already know that since he supports the discrimination of some races to "end the discrimination" of other races.
I don't see how Dmitri Gracia is injured by the Michigan constitutional amendment, unless he's applying to grad school there.
I really need to start reading the Daily Cal articles before I post ignorant comments like that.
I am a "person of color." I personally think that schools should not give any preferential treatment on the basis of race because it's simply unfair across the board. I don't find being admitted based on race any more degrading than being admitted on other grounds, but then again I'm not degraded easily.
You're delusional if you think race does not already play a role in issues of upward mobility and university admissions.
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