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Thursday, November 02, 2006
We're awesome!

This editorial about BUSD's illegal transfer problem seems to include an odd thesis:
The debate concerning transfer students who may be enrolled in Berkeley schools under an illegitimate address looms large in the coming elections. But focusing on this issue, even in a year in the black, sends the wrong message about Berkeley schools.

It is an overwhelmingly positive sign that students and their parents are clamoring to get into Berkeley schools. The Berkeley Unified School District should take this above all as recognition that the district has produced an educational environment that people see as a ideal place to learn.

In a time where districts all over California are struggling to make ends meet and beset on all sides with criticism, Berkeley schools should remember to recognize their good fortune.
"Let's keep this problem, because it makes us look good!"

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 11/02/2006 10:35:00 PM #
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Not too long ago, in an editorial, Daily Planet owner/editor Becky O'Malley admitted that she had allowed Oakland parents who wanted to send their kids to school in Berkeley to falsely claim her home address as their residence. (Becky was worried that too much of the black underclass was moving out of Berkeley, you see.) Your article was in the Daily Cal--but keep this in mind when reading the Planet's coverage of this issue. The 'quality of instruction' in Berkeley isn't the entire reason for these illegal transfers, particularly when you consider just how poorly underclass kids perform in Berkeley schools.
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