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Monday, November 13, 2006
Well, I'm not impressed

The Graduate Assembly has given us their Judicial Council picks, and my concerns are the same as they were before. I'm afraid that some of the Judicial Council members may let themselves be dominated by the older types who think they know everything. I don't think this happened with Carmel, but I think these folks are different.

Josh Templet is from Boalt. I'm sure he'll think he knows ASUC law better than ASUC law does. I'm not impressed with:
Both Templet and Smith said one of their first goals on the council would be to clarify the ASUC election bylaws.

"One area worth looking at is the last election cycle; There was a grey area in the laws," Templet said. "I think it may be worth trying to clarify that."
Um. Dude. The Judicial Council doesn't write or clarify the bylaws. While you're free to give your suggestions to the Senators about how much their laws suck, you could just as easily have done that if you weren't a Judicial Council member. I've been doing it for quite some time.

Marisa doesn't reassure me that they won't give in to these folks with:
Judicial Council Vice Chair Marisa Cuevas said having a total of three graduate students on the council will add to the body's academic diversity, and that council decisions may have more weight with the support of a law student.

"(Templet) will bring a little bit more legitimacy to our decisions," she said. "People may feel a little bit easier knowing that someone knows a little about real law. It makes people more comfortable."
Of course, real law doesn't apply to Judicial Council decisions. Will the Judicial Council remember this? I think it will while Sonya is in charge, but once she's gone...

As for Rachel Smith:
Smith sat on the judicial body at Everett Community College in Washington, where she was responsible for disciplining faculty and students for academic dishonesty.

She was also an advisor to the judicial branch at Pasadena City College, where she was an adjunct faculty member before coming to UC Berkeley.
Ugh, this keeps getting worse and worse. Experience under a different judicial system with vastly different rules and scope does not make one more qualified. If anything, it makes it less likely that person will properly follow the rules.

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