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Nap Time!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sue! The Berkeley school district is being sued again by the Pacific Legal Foundation for its "race-conscious" school placement policy. The first one failed, and I imagine this one will fail, too. There's a new wrinkle, though, which is that the Academic Choice program, which is a small school within the school, also has race-conscious admissions policies. Unlike the different schools, which are supposed to all provide a full education, Academic Choice is meant to be different than the other schools, and put folks on the path to a future. I've mentioned this problem before. And, from a parent:
"I'm lucky that my son got into Academic Choice as a Caucasian male," said parent Bonnie Bishop.
Let's listen to the whining from the school folks:
But district Superintendent Michele Lawrence said the district's policies are fair.

"I'm angry that as an educator, I have to take time away from student achievement to deal with the misguided views of the Pacific Legal Foundation," Lawrence said.
Board Director Shirley Issel echoed Lawrence's words.

"A high profile lawsuit like this at this time is a big distraction," she said. "It is very unfortunate timing, especially at a time when we are busy teaching our children and working hard to pass Measure A."
So, how do you folks feel about kids skipping class to go to pointless protests, since you're so pressed for time?

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