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Monday, October 02, 2006
What a gay blog

California Grown is a blogger at Cal, I think, who talks about football and gayness and other related topics. I think it's a he, and I think he's a Republican, which is too bad, considering our lack of diversity. You'd think with all the whining about diversity from liberals here at Cal, they'd get off their ass and do something about it in a situation where it's perfectly possible to do so, but no, they're busy fighting for diversity in unwinnable fights.

Speaking of the state of the blogosphere, let's do a run-down:

The state of the blogosphere is run down.

Beetle Beat is still going, in a sense, but it seems that nothing worth blogging on is happening, so meh.

Calstuff is in the process of dying, I guess.

The Patriot blog is in much the same state as Beetle Beat. It's still going, but it's seen better days.

Alex Marlow's blog is about as it usually is, which isn't a very good fit for our blogosphere.

Waste Today is... uh... I don't really know what happened there.

Jeremy Koo has gone personal, which is fine, I guess, but that sort of knocks it out of our world.

Calaholic went on vacation and never came back.

Tilted Fish doesn't date posts, which makes it harder to notice its status, but the punchline is that it isn't running along.

And I guess that's it. Pathetic. The reason I haven't gotten around to updating my blogroll is that it'll look so tiny and atrophied if I do.

As for the future of the blogosphere, I guess it's sort of my fault that we're where we are now, since I'm supposed to be the outreach dude, and it's not like I have any awesome plans to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, nothing interesting whatsoever is happening at Cal, which makes it tough to even keep the current blogs going. I don't plan on quitting anytime soon, but without anything to blog on, the post quality will be... uh... mediocre.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 10/02/2006 09:15:00 PM #
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it's totally that darrell stein guy's fault.
I imagine I'll start up again when there's an issue that gets me moving, but...meh.

Phil Angelides isn't doing so great, and since I've had work during every Cal Dems meeting, I haven't been able to connect with the local issues so much.
I missed the memo about Beetle the outreach dude, but I like it. I think it would be fun to create some news and then blog about it. Beetle can file a J-council case, I will take pictures, and the Calstuff commenters can fight about something unrelated.
Oh, there are tons of Judicial Council cases I could file. Equal protection concerning the GA would be pretty funny. The GA has an explicit affirmative action policy, too, which might be a violation of Prop 209, though that wouldn't be a Judicial Council issue. It might be a nondiscrimination issue, though.

The thing is, I'd feel bad for the Judicial Council being forced into dealing with those issues when nobody really cares, and I'm just acting out of boredom.
I usually don't post when I'm working on the Squelch because it sucks up all my writing energy.

And you're absolutely right that nothing of interest is going on in Berkeley right now. As uneventful a few weeks as I could imagine.

Hopefully things will get more fun when the election picks up, though frankly I've yet to find one solitary reason to give a crap on the local or state level this year. Stoney arguing with Christian Pewhatever was kind of fun though.
How come there is a rule that you have to only blog on Cal related stuff to be a good fit for "our blogsphere?" Patriot does national stuff, Koo is personal, Simon is mostly jokes, Calaholic never really worked out, Waste is gone...that leaves you and Cal Stuff as the consummate bloggers. Fine...sit in your tour.

I would blog on more Berkeley stuff if a) people cared, b) there was cool, interesting stuff, or c) other bloggers didn't already have a niche ripping the Daily Cal.
It's not a criticism that you don't do Berkeley stuff. I recognize that you're writing for an audience beyond Cal, and that makes Cal stuff pretty boring blog fodder, but that's what I mean by "not a good fit." I doubt a blog can satisfy a wider audience while still existing as a Cal blog.

Calstuff is gone, too, and it's likely I'm going to have to give up my view of what our blogosphere should be. The problem with focusing on national stuff is that it just isn't new. There are very good blogs out there covering the nation, and I'm content to leave it to them. Locally, we can make changes and provide a service that simply isn't available anywhere else. I guess you whippersnappers missed what Kevin did with Calstuff, where he provided us a place to find news about Cal that hadn't been put into gushing press-release form, as the Daily Cal likes to do (although the Daily Cal back then was more critical of its subjects, too). Calstuff was actually an informative place, and broke literally dozens of scandals.

What I don't want to see is a Cal blogsphere made up of blogs you could find somewhere else. Personal blogs are fine, and national blogs are fine, but you can find those anywhere, and there's no real reason to assemble a community around them.
Understood, but I never felt like the sense community was very profound since I have been blogging.
Well, you're right, it hasn't been.
I said "tour," not "tower"...wow...what the hell...
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