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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
We're important! Listen to us!

Alex Marlow reports that the ASUC may be voting to endorse a NO vote on Prop 85, which is that thingie with the abortions and notification and stuff. I'm pretty indifferent to the proposition itself, but the ASUC seems to be treading very dangerous grounds if it does this again.

First, remember that during the appeal hearing in mid-July, Oren Gabriel and Vishal Gupta asserted that the ASUC was a government agent, because they thought it would help their case. It seems, then, that the ASUC couldn't endorse a position in the elections. And, with Student Action's executive leadership taking such a position, it'll be tough for them to start whining about autonomy now.

Secondly, after the clarification that soliciting voters isn't actually soliciting, one has to wonder whether the ASUC can call itself "non-partisan" and seek registrations from diners and dormers if it's taking positions in the election. If it does, then why couldn't, say, The Patriot do the same?

Update: I'm told that the ASUC seeks to avoid this issue by saying "We support" rather than "Vote for." That doesn't really avoid the issue at all, though, because they're still "supporting."

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