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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Senate Report: Banerjee

I won't go into the details of Judicial Council Chair Sonya Banerjee's report (given with Marisa Cuevas), or the question-and-answer session, because if you've read this blog, you've seen it all before.

Many of the questions asked were arguments from the briefs, which means they were already answered in the decisions. Sonya spent a fair bit of time actually reading from the decisions, and you could hear in her voice the "Just read the fucking decisions, you fucking retards. Fuck!" going through her mind.

Vivienne Nguyen made a complaint about the fact that the Judicial Council folks had brought hardcopies of the decisions and her report, thus killing a large number of trees, when the senators could just as easily have read the reports in the email she sent. While this would be a good argument if the Senators had shown some indication of actually having done so, since they did not, and had to have the decisions read to them like they were children, having a hard copy was probably necessary to make sure they looked at it. Taylor Allbright reiterated her disappointment that Senators spent so much time asking questions for which they had the answers sitting in front of them.

I wasn't all that impressed with the Judicial Council dudes' presentation, though. Sonya was overly detailed, explaining the important legal arguments, but falsely assuming that the Senators were intelligent enough to make the obvious connections as to what that meant for their interpretation. She should have explained things like she was explaining them to children, because that's what it takes to get something through these senatorial skulls, it seems.

Sammy Averbach started asking about the application of state/federal due process laws, and why they weren't applied in the Judicial Council cases. Sonya asked him to be specific about what due process rights were ignored. He repeated the question in general terms. Sonya again asked for some specific rights he was talking about. Averbach then withdrew. Whoops.

Dimitri Garcia expressed criticism of the system, since the Judicial Council was unchecked "even by the ASUC attorney." Because, apparently, some non-student should have veto power over all Judicial Council decisions.

Senator Jennifer Avelino was pissed about the PR damage Student Action was receiving. Apparently, since the Executives are students, they are entitled to student money. I'm going to try that trick, too.

Anyway, there wasn't much new at the interrogation, so there's not much to report.

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