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Thursday, October 19, 2006
The second evasion

An issue came up at the Senate meeting about how the Executives didn't seem to believe in the autonomy of the institution, and that anyone could just sue the ASUC to get their way. Two things came out of this line of questioning.

The first was that the Executives justified their lawsuit by saying that it was best for the ASUC. It's worth remembering that in most democratic systems, an individual's opinion of what is best does not have the power to dominate all other processes required by the rules and regulations.

The second is that, when David Wasserman asked them that if they were disqualified because of the original chalking violation, as they would have been two years ago under the bylaws back then, would they have sued the ASUC anyway, especially before the appeal. That is, if they were disqualified under the rules they don't dispute, would they still have kicked and clawed and bit until they won? The Executives absolutely refused to answer the question. It was astounding. After their big speech about what's best for the ASUC, when it comes to following the rules and suffering the consequences if you don't, "Hey, I don't think that's relevant," "we don't really need to answer that" "I'd hate to speculate about a situation I'm not in" etc. (these aren't direct quotes, but they are the arguments they used to avoid answering) Yeah, we aren't fooled. I think we know which is more important between "winning" and "preserving the integrity of the ASUC" to these folks.

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