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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thankfully, and quite impressively, the ASUC Executives decided to take questions from senators about their attempt to get the ASUC to give them a shitload of money. Let me preface this by saying that they will succeed, but opponents have successfully forced the ASUC to defer the costs to the ASUC Auxiliary. While it still hurts the ASUC for no reason, and is still a sign of the severe corruption of the ASUC, it's a better result than directly raiding the ASUC for money.

The answers they gave, though, were nothing new.

First, though, they did reveal what I had heard unconfirmed reports about, but apparently wasn't even a secret. Oren Gabriel's lawyers and the ASUC's lawyer, Mark Himelstein, came to an agreement over the summer that instead of pursuing the case and getting a settlement, Oren's firm would drop the charges, while Himelstein would try to convince the Senate to give them money. Oren's argument that this would reduce the total amount of fees to be paid is a valid one. But what the hell is Himelstein doing making these deals? Now that the ASUC has no legal obligation to pay Oren's fees, why is Himelstein trying to convince the ASUC to hand out money? If what was described was a legal agreement in order to reduce costs, what authority did they have to make it over the summer without Senate authorization?

Anyway, instead of doing a gigantic post on what the Executives said, I'm going to break up the different aspects of the questioning into parts, each with its own post.

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