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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So, it looks like my reporting was a little overanxious that I forgot to fill in some relevant details. J Koo is understandably pissed, but he might have been misled by his source, which may very well be me.

The resolution to hand $22,679 of ASUC funds to Oren Gabriel for personal use (I'd call it embezzlement, but that usually implies some attempt at secrecy) is a bill in the Week 7 Electronic Agenda Packet, which, I think, means it will be voted on in Week 8 (October 18).

Because I doubt the Daily Cal will, I have asked all senators, both authors and non-authors, to confirm that the money is to be paid to Oren's lawyers only, and that the ASUC is not currently liable for it. I've also asked the authors to explain how this is "emergency legal action." I doubt they'll respond, because they have better things to do than explain their actions to their constituents, and the Daily Cal is pretty friendly to the ASUC. If any Daily Cal folks who have some shred of journalistic spirit are reading this, maybe you should be asking this question, too.

While we're at it: Headline contest! Put either an accurate headline or the kind of headline you expect from the Daily Cal. I'm pulling for:

Oren Gabriel asks for $22,679, Senate to say "OK"

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 10/10/2006 07:38:00 PM #
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This is the sort of thing that makes me sad Calstuff is dead. No offense to your excellent reporting here Beetle, but I'm doubtful anyone is gonna even hear about this if the Daily Cal does their typical "Executive Action Lends Possible Maybe Some Controversy I Guess" headline.

Not that it'd do that much good with 2/3rds of the senate authoring the bill.
I've mentioned it to you before, I'll sayit publicly here. Dai;ly Cal headline: "ASUC [fiscally] engages in legal debate."
ps, I've been drinkin...and by drinkin, I mean doing blow...
Wait, his party lied, cheated, sued and lost, and 'won' again... and we're paying his legal fees?
Daily Cal: "California attorney to receive payment"
If students are paying Oren's legal fees, I consider it a fair trade for him to pay my tuition...
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