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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Oh, that makes sense

I noticed a note in Facebook with Jeff Manassero's explanation of why he is supporting handing over tens of thousands of dollars to Oren Gabriel. I've bolded two passages, see if you can find out why:
The circumstance surrounding SB 51 is very complex, and has certainly not been portrayed accurately through the Daily Cal, where most students are finding their information. I have been approached by many fellow students, all of whom have expressed much concern over the bill and its final outcome. I never sign onto a bill knowing that I will definitely and eventually support it by my vote of approval. Once a bill is signed, it is brought before the Senate and the Associated Students for review, and debate if necessary. If that review results in new information that changes the purpose, meaning or outcome of the bill, any senator would certainly amend the bill to remove their sponsorship. It would be my intention to do just this if I choose to oppose SB 51 by Wednesday night.

I am happy to see so much interest from students-at-large, and am working hard to understand the issues thoroughly and completely before making my final decision. It is unfortunate that so many students do not have access to the entire story, of which I am still in the process of collecting. There are many people, histories and matters to consider before coming to any conclusions about how the situation should be resolved, if at all.

I hope you continue to express your views and thoughts to those senators who represent you. It is vital if we are to make any connection or progress in making the ASUC a more trustworthy and translucent body.
That's right. "All those critical people don't know what the hell they're talking about. And neither do I."

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 10/15/2006 08:50:00 AM #
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Should we send Facebook wall letters to all our Senators? Just the oen's we know personally? Or what? This might actually be very effective.
Sure, why not? The ones you know personally would be better.
I got linked!
Oh, and facebook-walling-noting the senators you know works great. This is the only redeeming factor of the News Feed's existence -- when you post crap like that, EVERYONE THEY KNOW sees it. I actually went in and undid some of my privacy settings so that everyone would see my JeffWallPost.
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