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Monday, October 23, 2006
More embarrassing news

In more humiliating news for the ASUC, apparently the nomination for Solicitor General, which occurred today, has to stand for a week before approval, which means the ASUC Senate will not be able to do business this Wednesday, either. I don't know, at this point, whether Mark Himelstein will still be speaking.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 10/23/2006 11:27:00 PM #
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It is interesting that the lack of a solicitor general stops all business while no election council chair is just ignored. Any guesses on when all the positions will be filled?
At the latest possible time at the highest possible price, of course. Jessica Wren has reapplied, though, so maybe things will go smoother.
Maybe if they actually advertised that they were hiring, people would apply... instead of senators picking people to apply internally.
Wow, that's really brave of Jessica, considering she wasn't paid her stipend until late July/early August.
Jeremy I'm not sure where you heard that, but I was under the impression that her stipend was approved in May, before the election cycle was complete (which was indeed late due to the Ratto v. Vakil cases). Technically this was illegal, since the EC cannot be paid until the J-Council has certified the results. That said, Jessica was still very helpful after she was paid. I think she will do a fine job as EC Chair again.
I agree she can do a great job; she did a lot more work than her "consultant" who was paid a lot more than her... generosity on her part? Yeah, I think so. This year I hope she can get both the financial and political support to make some positive changes to the electoral process.
agreed, anonymous.

This is how I got paid:
One half of my (reduced) stipend was released one month after being confirmed..which we all remember was on March 1.
The remaining half of my (insultingly low) stipend was then paid on May 15, 2006, "one month" after the elections took place (April 25 - 27, right?).
Is it really illegal, Bobby? I'm pretty sure I read about this payment schedule somewhere in the bylaws...regardless, I finished the job.

Thanks for your support, Justin. Things will go much better this year if I resume the position, although last year did rock pretty hard..

Do they have to have a Solicitor General before I can be confirmed? How about I just assume the position undemocratically?

EO, anybody?
Oren can always just avoid those costly elections altogether by declaring winners via Executive Order.

As for payment schedule, of the bylaws:

"Members of the Elections Council shall be compensated for their service. The ASUC will annually determine the Chair's stipend. Half of this stipend will be paid one month after the Chair takes office. The second payment will be disbursed after the ASUC Judicial Council provides validation of the election results."

I don't think anyone really had a problem with you getting paid early, but folks were kind of concerned that the Auxiliary was handing out money in violation of the rules, and what that meant for how the Auxiliary would follow other rules.

A case could probably be made that such a bylaw should be changed. It does demonstrate something we've come to expect from the bylaws: "validation of the election results" could conceivably mean something different than "certification of the election results," and an intelligent law-writer would've made the terms match up properly. (or define "validation" if they're not supposed to match up) I guess the reason for this is that the Judicial Council has the authority to revoke stipends if EC folks screw things up really freaking bad (which, by the way, I don't think is appropriate, but then, if I were in charge, the bylaws would have a whole lot to answer for).
Jan Crowder was informed of the mistake, but yeah it was no big deal this time.
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