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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Meanwhile, over at Davis

As I've probably mentioned before, UC Davis is withdrawing from the UCSA after refusing to pay increased fees. Apparently, Davis thinks they can find better things to do with their money then ship it off to an insular and unresponsive association. Which means that, at least as far as student governments are concerned, Davis is smarter than Berkeley.

Yesterday, at the Senate meeting, Jason Chu said that he and Andy Kelley are going to go down to Davis and try to convince Davis to stick around. I guess they're worried about the UCSA not actually speaking for UC students. While this was the case even when Davis was sticking around, now that Davis is leaving, they can't even pretend anymore.

Given certain unconfirmed reports about how Jason Chu has been treating Davis folks at the UCSA, I don't expect his words to hold much weight.

Interestingly, from the same entry, the ASUCD Supreme Court took a look at ASUC v. SAES, where the Student Action Executives were found guilty of campaign violations for chalking.

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Wow! A student government actually got tired of UCSA's insanity? Excellent! Maybe a couple more will follow Davis out. (Sending a copy of the notice to Gary Coleman was an interesting finishing touch.)
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