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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Here come the fees

Finally, GA President Josh Daniels explained that the folks in the Senate want us to raise our own fees by $100-$200 to pay for Lower Sproul stuff. The idea being that if we spend a bunch of money, we'll have more control over what happens. "We," of course, means the ASUC. Somehow, I don't trust their judgment. I think I'd rather hang on to the money.

But he also explained the strategy for raising those fees. It won't be "Hey, raise your fees by $100-$200 to do Lower Sproul redevelopment" like an honest proposition might read. No, they're going to be raising fees in increments to pay for the various stages of the process. This means that each year, we might see $20 or something, with a suggestion that we have to pass it since we've already sunk fee increases into it. And the student body will go along with it, because they're dumb. But hey, at least they admitted the strategy.

Jane Park wants a fee increase for a Green Initiative Fund, which will, of course, be controlled by the people who support such a fee increase. It's always great to get the voters to give you money, isn't it?

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what exactly do they want to do with lower sproul anyway? i don't mind fees that much so long as they are at least remotely useful to me (i.e. the bus pass program)
Eshleman is supposedly a deathtrap in an earthquake, so they need to rebuild it some time. The ASUC wants to redo Lower Sproul completely and put a bunch of other stuff there, including a multicultural center. I'm pretty unimpressed by the plans, though, and think they're overly extravagant
hey we have 22k from Auxiliary CD's that's apparently easily available, let's use that.
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