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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That's teh funnay. Oren Gabriel and co. say they're going to stop seeking funding and eat the costs of their lawyers.
ASUC executives said they will be paying out of pocket for their legal fees...
Note how which pocket is going to be payed out of is left as an exercise for the reader.
"This is quite a burden caused by the Judicial Council's inability to act within the guidelines of the ASUC constitution, bylaws and their own judicial rules of procedure, and I hope that we can make real change this year, so an incident like this never occurs again," Gabriel said in an e-mail.
Oh, it's the Judicial Council's failure to follow the rules, is it? I guess the clause in the constitution which puts rule interpretation in the hands of the president, his lawyers, the ASUC lawyers, or the Auxiliary must be written in invisible ink.
"Of course I wish that the (original) bill had passed but I am happy that the bill will be more focused on the larger issue at hand: The Judicial Council needs to be fixed, and the senators and myself are dedicated to making sure that this injustice never happens to students again," he said.
Well, there's the suggestion to gut the Judicial Council and deny students their rights.

It's a tough claim to square with his claim that the Judicial Council was breaking the rules, though. If the Judicial Council was breaking the rules, what difference would it make what those rules were?

Surprisingly, Student Action is being uncharacteristically consistent on this issue. I have unconfirmed reports that, instead of making the rules better, they are now going to impeach Judicial Council Chair Sonya Banerjee for following their crappy rules. I say they'd be doing her a favor, since she won't have to deal with these children any longer. I recommend that she simply resign and say "Fine, deal with this crap your own damn selves." It won't be good for the ASUC, but the ASUC isn't worth dealing with Student Action's temper tantrums.

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As Chief Justice for ASUC Davis, I've been impeached three times (never successfully). As former ASUCD commission chairman Nair once said "if people aren't trying to remove you, you aren't doing your job." Frankly I think he should have been removed though. (=

Kris Fricke
Chief Justice, ASUCD
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