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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Now, Jimmy, stand in front of the class and apologize for what you did. This is what goes on in a newspaper that's a tool of the administration.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 9/19/2006 01:12:00 PM #
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God, this is awful! The UCPD can't be offering articles of contrition in the Daily Cal as a plea agreement. This is where the blogosphere fills in the blanks.
I'm sure that's a Judicial sanction for a Daily-Cal-er. The UCPD / Judicial don't offer articles of contrition, but students can suggest alternative punishments. Think what you may of the Daily Cal, but my opinion of them actually went up because they're willing to do something fairly ludicrous for one of their staffers.
I don't think that's true, mainly because the Daily Cal has done this before. That dude was not, to my knowledge, associated with the Daily Cal.

And wasting the Daily Cal's space to give one of their own a way to avoid legal problems makes your opinion of the paper go UP?
note that the previous ones were signed and this one is anonymous. Note also that, as a general policy, the Daily Cal doesn't run anonymous letters to the editor. I'm gonna say this wasn't an SJA punishment so much as an administrator/Cal Dining person wanting to send a message to students...and the DC bending over for them.
I tend to think that any time a student can get an 'alternative' punishment, in lieu of something like a suspension, is pretty good.
And this letter is a public service- people obviously know it's WRONG to steal, but I'm sure that most students don't think that shoplifting a single item would result in serious disciplinary problems.
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