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Friday, September 01, 2006
Our existence is justified!

Some dude named Brent Laabs, UCSA Board of Directors Chair, thinks I was unfair when talking about the uselessness of the UCSA. Some amusing defenses:
However, UCSA does accomplish things for students. First of all, we got ACR 34 (Liu), the Student Compact passed, a non-binding resolution passed by the state legislature, which we can use to make legislators feel bad about increasing fees in the future.
I barely need to comment on this. But hey, good job on stopping the fee increases for a bit, though I have little reason to believe the UCSA's existence as a coercion-funded organization was necessary for that.

I also couldn't tell if he was being ironic with:
After all, it wouldn't be fair to conservative students if we at UCSA were, say, liberally biased.
Then we have more of the usual "well, get involved and conquer our organization" stuff, which seems like a lot of work to get my $1.30 back. One would think it would be the responsibility of those who want funding to convince folks to give it to them, rather than those who want to keep their own money to take over other organizations. But I guess I must be one of those crazy conservatives with their antiquated concepts of "freedom."

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