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Nap Time!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Berkeley folk bite the bait so easily. We got trolled in the Daily Cal, and they just lined up to act like dumb tools and respond.

William Hong is unhappy about Cameron Huey's op-ed on Tuesday. Let's go line-by-line:
Thanks to Cameron Huey for his views, but he can keep them to himself.
Oops, I guess Cameron forgot to ask Hong for permission to speak. But it turns out that Hong didn't ask me for permission to speak, so he should keep his views to himself.
The Daily Californian should stop providing him with a soapbox for his inflammatory views.
Newspapers absolutely should avoid publishing interesting viewpoints. Hong is absolutely right.
By arguing against affirmative action using the points he employed, he has in effect become nothing more than an "Asian" Ward Connerly.
Oh, no! A Ward Connerly! That's terrible! I would hate to be like some guy who managed to ban government-sanctioned racial discrimination.
Frankly, I'm sick of hearing from him.
Quick! Everyone accomodate William Hong! By the way, how much have we really heard from Cameron Huey?
Let him harangue his colleagues at the University of Cincinnati Law School, not the minds of UC Berkeley students and Berkeley residents.
Our fragile minds! We can't take the pressure of opinions we might disagree with!

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1) William Hong spelled his name "Willaim Hong", which makes him ineligible to comment intelligently.

2) Cameron Huey's arguments in that article are surprisingly un-Ward-like from what I've seen from Ward Connerly.

3) "using the points he employed"... yes, which points would those be? lmao.

4) Cameron Huey has posted 3 articles in the Daily Cal. One was an anti-war article. Another was raising campus diversity (READ: INCREASING MINORITIES) through more out of state students and this was his third article. Interesting analysis.
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