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Friday, September 22, 2006
Do you know your Senators?

Do you know who your ASUC Senators are? I hope so, because you certainly won't find that info on the ASUC's website one month into the academic year.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 9/22/2006 11:50:00 AM #
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This time last year they had full pages up for all the elected officials. At least they are updating the bill section unlike last spring.
"Do you know your Senators? "

yes, Piglosi and Boxhead.
If our executives weren't busy trying to secure their seats, then maybe they would have had a chance to do their work. As it stands, they are far behind what they need to have done. Frankly, the website is low priority.

From what I understand, the EVP just recently managed to complete space allocations (which are normally done in the summer). If people are interested in figuring out who the senators are, they can attend a senate meeting or visit Vishal's office. As it stands, the website is low priority for Oren and Vishal to complete
Yeah, I guess since the website can reach everyone, and space allocation etc. only reaches ASUC insiders, it makes sense that it would be a low priority.
a website is so incredibly easy to update... you don't even need software, just notepad.
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