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Friday, August 11, 2006

In case you haven't been keeping up with the loonies chilling at the ASUC's Wikipedia page, after a few more attempts to delete the only blogs which cover it, the following gloating was recently added:
Student Action swept this year's executive elections, and based on majority and supermajority votes, Oren Gabriel will serve as President, Vishal Gupta as Vice President, Joyce Liou as Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Jason Chu as Vice President of External Affairs.
Of course, elections have no concept of a "supermajority," and one wonders what other kinds of votes (besides majority) folks win elections based on. At least in the ASUC, executives need a majority. Also note that, according to traditional Student Action tunnel vision, the Student Advocate executive office is mysteriously absent. This despite the fact that the previous sentence points it out. I guess it doesn't seem too cool when you don't quite sweep. Also, note the job titles: Vishal is "Vice President," (not "executive") and the others are "Vice President of..." rather than the more traditional "... Vice President."

If it were me, I'd probably change it to "Student Action swept this year's executive elections after narrowly avoiding disqualification on a technicality, despite being convicted of lying to the ASUC." But that just doesn't have the same ring to it for the SA bots. I don't feel like policing the internet, so I'll leave it to someone who actually cares about accuracy.

I'll ruin the fun and also note that the introduction has said "It is the most autonomous student government of any university in the United States and arguably the most self-aggrandizing" for some time now, and no one seems to feel that requires correction. I concur.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 8/11/2006 12:28:00 PM #
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Beetle, someone should create a website then link it to the wiki page and call it ‘chalking strategies’ - how to ruin the scenery of parts of your city. The new voting influencing strategies. When they were chalking some of the chalker's wore burkas-like clothing to mask their true identifications.
And still, throughout all this mess, no one has bothered to correct the typo in the subtitle which currently reads, "Executice Vice President."
I considered vandalizing the page by explaining the awful truth behind ASUCk, but decided that the minions will probably undo my handiwork before it can spread its seed into fertile minds.

Still, can you imagine the mischief that the parties could do with wikipedia? A site that anyone can edit? After SA got reinstated at the last minute (when the J-council lost their nerve) they can't feel as if their dirty tricks will ever be punished.
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