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Thursday, August 10, 2006
That's racist!

Eighteen police officers who were suspended after making a video that parodied life on the force sued the city Thursday, claiming they were victims of racial bias because they were disciplined while four Asian-American officers were not.

The plaintiffs include male and female officers who are black, Hispanic and white, said their attorney, Waukeen McCoy. The four officers who took part in the video but were not suspended are of Chinese descent, as is Police Chief Heather Fong, who also was named as a defendant, according to McCoy.

"They weren't disciplined at all," McCoy said. "There were singled out and treated more favorably, and that is a violation of law."
For those who didn't follow this story originally, some officers in San Francisco made some kind of lame video based on stereotypes. They did it on city time, I think, which means they totally deserved discipline, but Mayor Gavin Newsom reinforced his policy of tossing their cops to the dogs whenever possible and made a big deal out of it, claiming it was racist and sexist and (word)ist. Police Chief Heather Fong hopped on, too.

Anyway, the details of this might be interesting. "You were racister!!"

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