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Nap Time!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Success stories!

It's been a year since AlcoholEdu was required for incoming student folks. How has AlcoholEdu helped you? Now is the perfect opportunity to publicize the great successes of the AlcoholEdu program, which I'm sure will soon fill the comment thread to bursting, after which the administration can take a bow.

It's okay. You can be anonymous if you think it's not 'cool' to have led a safer, healthier life due to AlcoholEdu.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 8/08/2006 09:43:00 PM #
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After spending so much time on the testing procedures, and after I had to download on a school computer Flash programs which I had to get permission to download, I wanted to become an alcoholic. First, one cannot believe that anonymity claim - So most of these questions about if one is a drinker, will be wrong in assessment. Second, a student wanting to join in the UC Berkeley school will never admit they are an alcoholic or occasional drinker, because the school might come down upon them. Therefore this thing is a joke. No honesty and a big waste of time. Next mandatory test to get into college will be “ Racistedu.” Can’t wait for that one either. Maybe we can ask the CCP for cultural revolutionary tips for these future new tests and how they showed students how to ride teachers like horses and place them in closets. Well, thank someone, we haven’t gone that far yet.
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