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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Oh, hey

I didn't notice this before. Was it always there? It's an op-ed from Gordon Wozniak trying to excuse his idiocy. Basically, it says that since the City Council engages in meaningless posturing at taxpayer expense, there was no threat to the ASUC. Which, I guess, is correct.
Ultimately, it is because the individuals for whom the majority of the student body voted have been disqualified for an absurd reason — not knowing the exact location of the polling place boundaries, before they were even established.
Obviously, this has not happened, but the absurd reason quoted by Fozzy Wozzy seems to miss a spot. The lying. The evidence tampering. All that. If you want to talk about absurd reasons, you might glance at the technicalities which allowed such disgraceful dismissal of the ASUC's rules as "obstructions" to go unpunished.

The rest is more ear-plugging, la-la-laing nonsense, so I won't bother.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 8/03/2006 02:22:00 AM #
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He's such a lying sack of shit. He was informed by the Judicial Council before the BCC meeting and before he wrote this editorial that the Judicial Council DID have four out of seven members present for quorum. Yet he still says a minority of Justices made the decision.
He's picking on them because he knows that typical students can't afford lawyers to sue his ass for libel. Piece of shit.
just be glad you're not as confused as he
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