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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Nice letter

A tough typo:
Lieberman has suggested that a Lamont victory plays into the hands of Republicans, who want to marginalize the "cut and run" Democrats as untrustworthy on national security.

There is no question the Republicans will try. In fact, Sen. Mitch McConnell, D-Ky., wasted no time Wednesday...
Hmm... D-Ky. McConnell is a Republican, so it's not like the Chron totally missed the point, but that seems like such an odd typo to make and miss, considering the context.

Update: It's been corrected (without notification, though I don't think it would be needed for a case like this). I don't know if the print edition had the error or not.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 8/10/2006 05:50:00 AM #
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Maybe they weren't saying Democrat - Kentucky.
Maybe it was a different typo and it was supposed to read D-KNY ... because he really likes Donna Karen New York jeans?
Most democrats are so dumb that they never look at names and only vote if a D accompanies the profile. If they see an R, they automatically look elsewhere.

For example, if an D accompanied Bush’ s profile during the Presidential election, Bush would have won by 80% of the popular vote, at least.
I suppose you have some sort of factual evidence to support this outrageous claim?

And of course I am certain that Republicans are never straight party voting loyal little radicals [insert sarcasm here].

God it makes me wanna go on a rant about 2 party political systems.
My Gosh, Punch My Ballot , the Democratic Party actually claimed that their voter base was stupid because the Republicans made the voting procedures too complicated. What other proof do you need besides your own party? If you cannot clean your ballot from hanging chads, you need not apply to vote at all.
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