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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jason Chu, who couldn't be bothered to justify his existence during Judicial Council hearings, has things to say.
DC: What will be the most difficult thing to address this year?

JC: The biggest difficulty will be to make sure that the ASUC maintains its credibility-that we still have a high profile-because I think a lot of people during and after elections were confused and disheartened.
The ASUC had a high profile in the past? The results of things like the GA referendum suggest that ASUC's "high profile" doesn't seem to include things like awareness of the ASUC or how it works.
DC: What will the ASUC have to do to regain credibility after the controversies of the summer?

JC: The only way is to do our job and get things done. I think people realize that the ASUC will pull through for the students.
Or rather, that the ASUC will continue to fail to pull through at the same level as usual.
DC: How do you plan on inspiring politically apathetic students?

JC: Another thing I have been doing is a political speaker series forum that I've been working on with professor Alan Ross, who puts on the Political Science 179 class. A lot of political speakers come out and try to motivate students about the political process.
Well gee, that'll work. If there's one thing politically apathetic students do, it's go to political speaker series forums.
DC: Now that we're wrapping up, anything else you want to add?

JC: As the five executives we have developed a six- prong plan to address a broad range of goals within our own offices, specifically diversity, sustainability, development of Lower Sproul, safety, Cal traditions-developing a new Cal tradition each year-and technology. Regardless of political party, these issues are important to all students.
None of those things are important to me. Maybe safety, but I've never had a problem with it that needed the ASUC's assistance. Does anyone else out there not find all six of those issues important? Is Jason Chu playing the lying sack of shit in traditional Student Action form? Do we have to suffer through more of these folks claiming to speak for us?

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I always thought the ASUC should raise an army to patrol southside. Screw neighborhood watch, how about neighborhood militia.
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