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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Bush wins election

"Christian Schools File Suit Against University" reads the headline. What it means, of course, is that Christian Schools filed suit against the university a year ago. The new development is that a judge has allowed it to go to trial.

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 8/10/2006 01:24:00 AM #
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I don't know the details behind the UC's problem with the coursework, but I can imagine what it would be. If a school teaches creationism or some other faith-based concept instead of scientific and fact-based concepts, those kids have not fulfilled the requirements for admission into a university that teaches higher scientific and fact-based concepts.
I also like how they tried to sue officials in their "individual capacity"... looks like this tactic isn't limited to Student Action boys.
Darwinism is not a fact-based knowledge. It is a postulate, at best. I’m still looking for the missing link. Hillary could fit I presume.
I won't get into Darwinism since I don't know what you define that to be, but evolution is a fact-based concept. Sure there might be some missing links in the evolution of man or the beginning of life (I won't go into how amazing it is that we find any fossils that date back millions of years)... but the fact that species evolve is not disputed in the scientific community.
I was kind of curious about the grounds as well given that our fine institute of higher learning accepted my southern christian conservative private school educated ass...and the name Darwin certainly didn't appear in our curriculum...and evolution was presented only to be dismissed as a theory.

They only credited my countless years of Bible class as electives, but I always knew that those were a waste of my educational time.
BG: “but the fact that species evolve is not disputed in the scientific community” Yes it is. The fact that genes ( an their DNA) Mutate is *NOT* in dispute. "Evolve" is a whole other matter. I guess it is just the word choice.

PMB: If you actually studied the Old Testament, and I suppose you have, you would have been a military expert. That was what the majority of the Old Testament was about. I would not call that a waste of time, unless your classes involved idiotic faith-based rhetoric – not the geopolitical aspects of history.
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