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Nap Time!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Money! For booze! Cue dumb frat quotes:
"The reason that we're here is to get a good education," sophomore Eric Ritter said. "The university should be more concerned with our education than combating an issue that's not even a problem."
Who wants to guess how Ritter voted on the Class Pass and RSF fee? You see, the student body has brought this upon itself. By passing these fees, and the health fee from a while back, we've defined "college" to be far broader than a place "to get a good education." Now it's a place to get a ride, and visit a doctor, and go exercise. And as students idiotically keep expanding and expanding what "college" is, it makes perfect sense that the university starts expanding as desired. Why not booze? Why shouldn't it be the university's concern? "It's none of the university business" didn't stop us from some $300 in fees per year for non-education crap.

Oh, I get it. See, while it was spending your parents' money for things which, to you, seemed "free," it was great and all. But now it's someone else's cause, and your freedom, so things are suddenly out of hand. You'll pardon me if I don't shed tears. When you grow the balls to really live apart from the university (or at least avoid shoving it into my life), then maybe I'll give a crap when the university interferes in your life.

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