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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What a mess has been kickstarted. There's some funny stuff going on at the ASUC wiki page. Currently, the link to this blog is described as "featuring ASUC coverage. Frequently critical of ASUC actions, most recently directed toward Student Action because of its role in an election dispute and ASUC Constitutional Crisis." I suppose that's technically accurate, though it suggests a great deal of wrangling is going on, which we can look at.

Apparently, Josh May and Donald are the ones putting up the good fight in trying to keep it under control, but you can check out the history page to see some of the funnier edits. People are apparently complaining because the blog links all go to folks like me, or Calstuff. Here's a tip: All you Student Action flunkies can start your own goddamned blogs so we can link them! Whining "all the links are to blogs that don't like us" when you don't bother to say anything in your defense is lame. Traveling back in time:

An older description of Beetle Beat was "Known for recent attacks on Student Action."

When the Student Actioneers stopped by for vandalism, they also deleted the CalSERVE link.

Under duties of the president, once listed was "To adjust and fine-tune election results and decisions of the Judicial Council in a manner considered politically amiable by the incumbent's party."

SQUELCH is described as a "minor political party" now, but used to be an "unpopular" one. Right.

Both Calstuff and Beetle Beat were described as "(affiliated with Squelch! party--anti-Student Action)." As a note for the ignorant, Beetle Beat is not affiliated with SQUELCH!. We just both happen to find the idiotic actions of the major parties to be... well... idiotic.

Back to duties of the president: "To override undesirable rulings issued by the student Judicial Council when such rulings impair the victorious functioning of the President's preferred party."

(Interesting sidenote: Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognize "blog" as a word.)

posted by Beetle Aurora Drake 7/18/2006 01:29:00 PM #
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Whoops. :-)

I will suggest a conundrum: is it more ridiculous for Student Action reps to edit the Wiki entry or to troll anonymously in comment string?

Also, by the same logic, the Daily Cal could be labeled "Anti-Student Action" for siding against them in this dispute. I think the term "blog" already suggest that information provided isn't necessarily bias-free (as if the mainstream media is much better)
Purging the opposition...DONE!
The description of your blog was made by me this morning after I went back and forth with a member of the SA Kool Aid Brigade.

I had "featuring ASUC coverage. Frequently critical of ASUC actions" which I still think is all that needs to be said.

They had "featuring ASUC coverage. Known for recent attacks on Student Action."

Since I made the edit that you see now, they've left it alone.
I'd like to thank everyone that's been randomly vandalising the page. you give me something to do over summer
I don't know, man -- if you're the one "fixing" the entry, you may want to prioritize spelling lessons instead.
You have to admit, those additions to the President's duties are pretty classic.
Someone needs to write a separate Wiki article on 2006_ASUC_Constitutional_Crisis. Unless it gets deleted as dorkcruft it could be a pretty good vehicle for wiki-ranting.
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