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Friday, July 14, 2006
Wow, that's cynical

The Patriot has mentioned this, and I don't really care too much, but "Edward Epstein, Chronicle Washington Bureau" is one cynical political writer.

Blah blah internet ad where Democrats use coffins in their whining about Iraq. I don't really have a problem with it, if their point is "Republicans make bad decisions, and get soldiers killed. LOOK!!!" But the coverage seems a bit telepathic:

Republicans, sensing an opportunity to rally their conservative base in the midterm election-year campaign, said they were outraged and called on Democrats to pull the ad, which was posted July 2 on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's Web site.

Oh, they "said" they were outraged after sensing a campaign opportunity. It's not possible that, perhaps, they were outraged, and spoke out.

I don't want to dismiss the cynical view, since I'm inclined to agree with it, often, but I don't consider it serious journalism to state that viewpoint as fact, as it requires some form of ESP to confirm. Instead, the journalist dudes should probably just tell us what happened, and let us do the telepathy.

While Republicans likely criticized the ad to help rally a conservative base that continues to support the president and the war...

"Likely," according to experts, such as "Edward Epstein, Chronicle Washington Bureau," apparently.

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That's like my Brian Williams post, where he essentially said "experts speculate the numbers were inflated." The emphasis is on the experts and not on the speculation. It seems like mainstream media has a bad habit of giving unfounded opinions, so long as the opinion is delivered by an expert that agrees with the journalist. Also, I find that journalists tend not to acknowledge other experts that disagree with there agenda, in these instances.
With the entire MidEast going apeshit, oil nearing $80 a barrel, half of Southern California going up in flames, etc. etc. etc. I really don't see how this is news at all, poorly covered or otherwise. And the fact that Congress is debating this proves nothing except that they got sick of gay marriage, flag burning, and other BS non-issues. It's like the news media is taking a break from things that aren't overly-politicized BS until November.
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